Our Story

We focus on climbing in beautiful places, but... safety first!

Our climbing school in Poland use only highly qualified staff who are local instructors and guides and active climbers with years of experience. We provide rock climbing and winter mountaineering courses in stunning locations!

Our passion is a commitment to helping each individual develop their technical skills and knowledge within a safe, structured and enjoyable environment. Your experience will be memorable and long-lasting, forming a platform for future personal climbing development. We run our climbing and mountaineering activities with great care on well-established routes in pre-checked locations. 

We provide and apply the highest standards of safety. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We set prices very fairly and all our customers have said that our courses are excellent value for money. 

We are proud to have never cancelled any of them! Therefore your safety and pleasure in exploring the Tatra Mountains are guaranteed!

Strong Team

Meet our fearless guides – passionate climbers ensuring your safety and thrills! Come climb with us and experience the mountains like never before – guided by the best, for the best.

Łukasz Depta

Instructor of Alpinism – Polish Climbing and Mountaineering Award

Member of PZA - Polish Mountaineering Association

Climbing School Owner

Member of TOPR - Polish Mountain Rescue Team

I was born in Krakow and sometimes even visible from the city, the Tatra Mountains attracted and fascinated me from an early age. For good, my adventure with mountains and climbing started in high school.

After the first solo trips to the Tatra Mountains in summer and winter and climbs at rocks around Krakow there was a need to acquire the basic knowledge and technical skills necessary to move safely in the mountains. I acquired them under the watchful eye of instructors from PZA on a rock climbing course and shortly thereafter mountaineering course.

In the following years, I developed those skills in various mountains of the world. From my homeland Tatra Mountains to the Alps. From the Caucasus Mountains to the Great Ranges of Asia – Himalayas and Karakoram, Hindu Kush, Pamir and Pamir-Alay. I had the opportunity to establish many new routes in this mountain’s high walls and ascent a few unclimbed 6000m peaks.

Currently, I share my passion and experience as an instructor on summer and winter courses in my climbing school and I volunteer work as Mountain Rescuer.

Janek Kuczera

Instructor of Alpinism – Polish Climbing and Mountaineering Award

Member of PZA - Polish Mountaineering Association

Climbing School Owner

Member of TOPR - Polish Mountain Rescue Team

Climbing for me is a great passion. Freedom and adventure are what most draw me to climbing. I like to climb, both in the sun-warmed rocks and in cold winter mountains. But without a doubt, I’m most satisfied with committing climbing and mountaineering in summer or winter on long routes, where the degree of involvement of both body and mind are reaching an absolute maximum.

I know that without the help of people who helped me in the early years of my climbing adventures, I wouldn’t go too far in climbing. As an instructor of PZA, I would like for you to be who my more experienced colleagues were to me earlier – a teacher, not just an instructor.

So far, I have instructed and trained many Youth Groups from PZA, participants of Polish Winter Himalayan Mountaineering Expeditions and Polish Himalayan Alpine climbers, Mountain Rescue members and many other groups and individual enthusiasts and mountain climbing lovers. I have climbed many new routes and made fast repeats of many difficult routes in the Tatra Mountains, Scotland, Norway, the Dolomites, the Julian Alps and the French Alps, Greenland, Kirgijskim-Alajuela Pamir and the Karakoram in Pakistan. Currently, I run my climbing School – Hard Rock Climbing (Wspinanie).

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